Vitebsk State Technological College

Address: 41 Gagarina str., 210017 Vitebsk

Tel./fax: +375 21 223-29-31



The BSTU affiliated Vitebsk State Technological College is a relatively young school of secondary special and vocational education.

The present-day college was founded on the basis of Vitebsk building vocational school No. 163 established 32 years ago. Since its foundation in 1983 it has undergone a number of reformations (Vitebsk building vocational school No. 147 – Vitebsk vocational school of folk handicrafts – Vitebsk higher vocational school of folk handicrafts – Vitebsk State Vocational College – Vitebsk State Technological College). Over the many years of its development the College always stayed on top of the vocational education of Vitebsk region and the Republic of Belarus.   The College is proud of its graduates; many of them are successfully working at the enterprises of forestry and woodworking industry.

The recent reorganization of the College has contributed to enhancement and upgrade of its training and material facilities. New programs of engineering, humanitarian and artistic trades were offered to prospective applicants who would like to make such career choices as service technicians, wood carver, and pot maker, souvenirs maker, process technician, forestry technician, lawyer, software technician.

Today the BSTU affiliated Vitebsk State Technological College has a highly reputable vocation school on the education market. More than 1,130 students are trained for eight programs of secondary special education and sixteen programs of vocational education.

The college graduates are highly-demanded professionals who are able to quickly adapt to the actual circumstances and requirements of today’s labour market. Training for competitive and promising careers guarantees sustainable and reliable employment for the college graduates at such  national enterprises and organizations as JSC “Belkhudozhkeramika”, “Vitebskdrev”, Vitebsk State Forestry Production Association, affiliated JSC “Vitebskoblavtotrans”; LTD “Financial investment company “INGO”, ALC “Technology solutions”, and affiliates of RUE “Beltelecom”.

The training process in the affiliated college aims at formation of professional competences; where the up-to-date curricula combine theoretical grounding with practical skills and solid IT-based training.

The college staff members are team-oriented teaching professionals who are strongly focused on their ongoing professional development.  More than 60 % of teachers and masters of vocational training possess the highest qualification grades. The college directorate gives thorough consideration to staffing issues, i.e. recruitment and selection of teaching professionals. Experienced teachers are always there to support their younger colleagues, to share their best teaching practices and to advise them. The Club of Pedagogical Excellence was set up at the college to facilitate young teachers’ professional adaptation to the college community.

Methodical centre of the college is in charge of improving the quality of the educational process and provides such services and support as legal framework, curricula, teaching techniques, information, summarizing and adopting best teaching practices, multimedia and other teaching aids and tools. These activities are supervised by teaching methodology experts and chairpersons of 9 specialized college boards, i.e. social sciences, humanities and natural sciences; economic courses; mathematics and information technology; records management and legal courses; timber and woodworking industry; automobile technology; arts and design; physical education and healthy lifestyle; organizational and pedagogical  work.

All periods of practical training, i.e. skill-specific, on-site, teaching training, run at 29 leading organizations of the city, regional and national enterprises, in college workshops, garage, driving grounds. Forest growing skills can be acquired during laboratory classes at college’s own experimental site.

Annually the college hosts skills competitions to promote and foster vocational training programs and trades. The competitors revealing excellent performance are invited to participate in regional and national competitions. 

Teaching staff contributes greatly to the development of creative abilities of students. The college students are involved in various research projects under the supervision of experienced teaching professionals. Traditionally the students take part in the college conference “Questions. Hypotheses. Answers”; they are also active contributors to the University conference “First step into science” targeted at students and MSc students interested in research (9 papers presented at the Conference were awarded diplomas).

The affiliated college closely cooperates with educational institutions of Russia. A number of academic cooperation agreements have been concluded with state educational institution of vocational education in Omsk region “Omsk regional College of culture and art”, state educational institutions of Omsk region of secondary professional education “Omsk motor transportation College”, Federal state educational institution of higher professional education “Gzhel state art and industrial Institute”.

Recently the college students have taken part in conference “The Youth of Russia in Science and Art” hosted by Gzhel State Art and Industrial Institute, in the Russian vocational skills competition in computer science and engineering (city of Kansk, Krasnoyarsk region); they were awarded diplomas in different categories.

Participation in VIII National competition of Handicrafts among vocational students and teachers “Belarusian wreath” resulted in six prizes and awards of the special Presidential Fund of the Republic of Belarus for social support of the gifted youth and students.

The college staff is the winner of National competition of Arts and Crafts among vocational students and teachers for their excellence in the manufacture of decorative sculptures, decorative clocks, and small statuary.

The college students became the prize-winners of National student festival of arts dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory.

The affiliated college houses a museum of decorative arts, its exhibits are the best pieces of willow weaving, wood carving, straw plaiting, potter’s craft made by talented students and teachers. 

The material and technical facilities of the affiliated college embrace 2 academic buildings with 40 classrooms, 1 laboratory and 10 computer classrooms, 11 training workshops, 2 woodworking shops, 2 canteens, 3 cafeterias, assembly and conference halls, more than 80 units of machinery equipment, 10 multimedia projectors, 4 interactive whiteboards. Sports facilities include 2 gyms, a swimming pool, a fitness center, ski base.

There is a publishing centre, library and reading room to provide educational, informational, and cultural support and to enable effective information and communication flows in the college. The library stock numbers over 35,000 volumes, including 30,000 copies of education and training literature. In 2014 the publishing center produced more than 80 tutorials in general and professional subjects.

The affiliated college possesses a comfortable dormitory with favorable conditions for accommodation, rest and study for all students who need accommodation.

The teaching staff place great emphasis on students’ educational and personal growth through applying individual-based approach to each student. The college runs 21 clubs of interests including 9 sports groups to motivate students’ creative, professional and physical abilities.

The BSTU affiliated Vitebsk state technological College was honored on the Recognition Board of Vitebsk city for its prominent achievements in the field of social and economic development, resource-saving practices, financial and economic sustainability. 


Vocational training


Career choices

Records management, information and organizational service



Computer operation

Computer operator

Arts and Crafts

Ceramic artist

Willow weaver

Straw weaver

Wood carver

Decoration work and interior design

Decoration worker

Technology of textile weaving

Weaver (hand weaving)

Jewelry making


Photo art

Computer graphics operator

Machinery maintenance and woodworking technology

Frame-Saw Operator

Woodworking machine operator

Joinery, parquetry and glazing




Tree Feller

Automobile Technology

Driver of category C


Secondary special education




Records management and administration


Administrative assistant


Economic law and personnel management



Software information technology

Software for economic and business data processing

Software Technician


Accounting, analysis and audit



Arts and Crafts

Ceramic art

Wood carving art

Textile art

Painter. Teacher


Woodworking Technology

Woodworking technology


Process Technician



Forestry Technician

Automobile Technology

Car servicing

Mechanical technician