Distance Learning

To implement distance learning technologies at the University there is a learning management system (Distance Learning System, DLS); it is based on Moodle, where students can access learning materials and feedback from teachers.

The main purposes of applying the Distance Learning System at the University are:

  • to create opportunities for quality educational services to meet the modern requirements of national and international standards employing modern information and communication technologies;
  • to involve effectively the variety of IT means in the educational process;
  • to develop students' motivation to learning, continuous self-education via modern information and communication technologies;
  • to provide the learners with the opportunity to master the educational program directly at the place of residence;
  • to provide the network interaction of the educational process participants;
  • to ensure a high level training of students, to enable the University graduates to undertake full and effective participation in social, public and professional spheres in the modern IT society;
  • to promote the use of the University scientific, methodological and technical potential;
  • to introduce modern innovative technologies into the professional activity of the University teaching staff.

The University the Distance Learning System can be used when conducting different types of lessons for students of all forms of education at Ist and IInd degrees, for applicants, for the students at the affiliates and students at the Institute of training and retraining. The implementation degree of the DLS educational technology in the learning process is determined by the Department and the teacher of the specific discipline.

The Belarusian State Technological University is developing 3D-simulators of laboratory facilities using 3DsMAX, Unity and programming language C#. Simulators are used in the study of various academic disciplines. Development is carried out by the department of distance educational technologies.

User registration in the Distant Learning System is conducted at the Distance Learning Technologies Department (dist@belstu.by, office 352, building 4, tel. +37517 373-72-65).

Distance Learning Technologies Department
Head of the Department Alexander Bolvako
  • office 352, building 4
  • tel. +37517 373-72-65
  • e-mail: dist@belstu.by, dist.belstu@gmail.com

The aims of the Distance Learning Technologies Department are:

  • organization of introducing distance learning technologies into the educational process;
  • involvement of the University teaching staff  in distance education,  providing methodological assistance;
  • organization and management of educational process, providing students the opportunity for independent study on the chosen educational programs;
  • training and document support of the learning process;
  • Distance Learning System administrating at the University.