International Cooperation. Our Partners

The Department cooperates with the following national and foreign universities and scientific –research  centres:

  • NASB Institute of Heat -Mass Exchange;
  • NASB Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry;
  • NASB Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry;
  • NASB Institute of Powder Metallurgy;
  • Mendeleyev Russian Chemical – Technological University;
  • Saint Petersburg Technological University;
  • Belgorod State Technological University;
  • South-Russian Polytechnic University;
  • Dnepropetrovsk University of Chemistry and Technology (Ukraine);
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania);
  • State University “Lvov Polytechnic” (Ukraine);
  • University of Renn (France);
  • National Technical University of Ukraine

Joint scientific research is conducted with the following branch institutes:

1. SE “NIISM Institute”;

2. UE “BelNIIS Institute”;

3. UE “Institute NIPTIS”;

4. UE “NPO Center”;

5. BelMAPO.

An agreement has been signed on the establishment of a Training and Research and Production Center as a part of the department Open JSC “Minsk KSI” and SE “NIISM Institute”.

The Department cooperates with the following enterprises and organizations:

Open JSC “Mapid”, OJSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”, OJSC “Smorgon Silicate Concrete”, OJSC “KSM-Grodno”, OJSC “DSK-Gomel”, CJSC “Parad”, CJSC “Mogilev KSI”, OJSC “GIAP”,OJSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”, Domanovsk PTK, OJSC “ZSZHB№1”, LTd “RUMB-1”.

A contract was signed to set up a department affiliate (branch) on the basis of OJSC “Belarusian Cement Plant” and SE “NIISM Institute”.