Historic Outline

The Department of Chemistry, Technology of Electrochemical Production was founded in 1981 in the Belarusian Technological Institute of S. S. Kirov. It was the only one in the Belarusian SSR to train specialists for enterprises specializing in electrochemical technologies. Close attention of electrochemists to the problems of hydrogen energy, the solution of which was a professional task for future graduates of the Department, played an important role in creation of the Department. Ivan Zharsky, PhD (Chemistry), Professor, headed the Department.

In the early years of the Department its scientific and pedagogical staff included 4 Associate Professors, 2 Senior Lecturers, 2 Assistant Lecturers and 3 Researchers. Training of engineers-chemists-technologists in the specialty “Technology of Electrochemical Production” was carried out with the main specialization “Functional Electroplating Engineering”.

The research work was carried out on the subject of hydrogen energy; in particular, great attention was paid to the development of thermo electrochemical cycles of producing valuable energy carrier / energy material - electrolytic hydrogen.

Due to the intensive development of the electronic industry in the BSSR there is an urgent need for training engineers in the field of PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing. The corresponding specialization was opened in 1988.

The aggravation of environmental problems and the need to solve them resulted in opening of a new specialization “Electrochemical wastewater treatment”. The students of this specialization receive fundamental training on the problems of organization and creation of resource-saving technologies and rational use of natural resources.

In July 1993 a new specialization “Chemical Technology of Quantum and Solid-State Electronics Materials” was opened within the specialty “Chemical Technology of Production and Processing of Inorganic Materials”. In this regard, the Department was renamed into the Department of Chemistry, Technology of Electrochemical Production and Electronic Engineering Materials.

Currently, the teaching and educational support staff of the Department provides lectures, practical and laboratory classes in the following general technical, special and highly specialized disciplines for engineers and Masters: general chemistry, theoretical foundations of chemistry, applied electrochemistry, PCB production technology, corrosion and metal protection, electroplating, basics of resource saving in electrochemical production, devices and methods of research of electrochemical systems, technology and equipment of electrochemical production, theoretical electrochemistry, equipment and fundamentals of design of electrochemical productions, fundamental of electrocatalysis, standardization and test methods in electroplating engineering, physical chemistry of a solid state, physical electronics and electronic devices, technology of semiconductors high vacuum technics and vacuum technologies, protection of materials and fundamentals of materials science, and chemical technology of electronic engineering materials.