Department of Inorganic Materials Technology and General Chemical Technology

General Information. This Department was founded in 1964. It is one of the oldest university departments of chemical technological profile. It is headed by Alexander Minakovskiy, PhD (Engineering), Associate Professor.

Specialities and Specializations. Department trains specialists in speciality “Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances, Materials and Goods”, and specialization Chemical Technology of  Mineral Fertilizers, Salts and Alkalies; Technology of  Basic Inorganic Synthesis; Technology of Products of Fine Inorganic Synthesis, Pure Substances and Agents; Technology of Catalysts and Adsorbents; Technology of Mineral Resources Dressing”. The teaching staff works at the faculty of Retraining and Qualification Up-Grade and trains highly qualified specialists through master degree and post graduate studies.

Academic Activities.  Lecturers of the Department deliver courses in “General Chemical Technology” for students of chemical and technological specialities. While lecturing they use multimedia equipment. Subject contests are carried out every year.

Facilities. The Department has 3 educational laboratories:

  1. Training laboratory of technology of inorganic materials is equipped with the following laboratory apparatus and stands:
    • laboratory apparatus for determination of fluorine in samples;
    • laboratory stand for study of the work of float reagents, setting and clarification processes;
    • laboratory apparatus for study of the processes of crystallization and decomposition under isothermal conditions;
    • laboratory stand for study of static strength of granules;
    • laboratory device for study of hygroscopicity of materials;
    • laboratory apparatus for study of decomposition process of phosphate raw materials and production of phosphorus containing  products;
  2. Two laboratories of general  chemical technology are  equipped with plants for study of catalytic oxidation of sulphur dioxide; for investigation of absorption of waste gases; for study  of water treatment process; for study of roasting and caking processes of raw materials containing carbonate and sulphur.

There is a modern high accurate (precise) equipment in these laboratories, namely :

  • analytical dispersing (scattering) machine AS 200 of Control firm “Restch”, Germany;
  • planetory mono mill “pulverisette 6” of firm “Fritsch GmbH”, Germany;
  • Floatation machine FM3 of firm “Geotechnology”, Russia;
  • system of capillary electrophoresis “Kapel 103 PT,”Russia

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 363-92-51