Research and Innovation



Main results of the research:

1. Methods of obtaining two and three-component complex fertilizers by means of “dry” and “wet” activation of Algerian and Syrian phosphorites with mineral potassium-containing and nitrogen-containing additives are studied. A functional scheme of the process of obtaining complex fertilizers based on low grade phosphorites has been developed. Experimental batches of complex fertilizers for agrochemical studies have been developed based on the mass ratio NRK = 1: 0.8: 1.4. Agrochemical tests of experimental lots of complex fertilizers have been carried out.

2. A new technical detergent was developed (the name is TU BY 600012297.114-2015 Technical detergent TMS-C). A new synthetic detergent has been developed (name according to TU BY 600012297.116-2015, synthetic powdered detergent "BONUS AUTOMAT-T").

3. Investigations aimed at obtaining finely dispersed hydrated orthophosphates of aluminum and iron of orthorhombic and monoclinic modification, chromium phosphates of two modifications (green and violet) with a given amount of water, nickel and cobalt orthophosphates and magnetically sensitive compounds of MeFe2O4 composition, where Me - Fe (II), Co (II), Mn (II), Zn (II) have been carried out. A laboratory technology for producing an electro-rheologically active filler based on chromium phosphate was developed, and a draft TU for the preparation of a water-containing filler for ERS was devised.

4. New scientific information on the physicochemical regularities of processes occurring in multicomponent systems formed at various stages of obtaining complex mixed NPKMg fertilizers in bulk-blending technology based on ammophos or ammoniated superphosphate and various magnesium-containing raw materials was obtained as the result of this research complex. A technology for the production of complex magnesium-containing fertilizers has been developed on the basis of the research results.

5. The chemical and phase analysis of samples of lining materials and catalysts for conversion of natural gas in the TANDEM apparatus of the methanol shop of Grodno Azot OJSC was performed. The results of a study of the chemical, phase compositions and also the structure of the samples obtained by using a unique equipment such as the X-ray diffractometer D8 Advance from Bruker (USA) and the scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-5610LV (Japan) and also using an electronic probe system Energy Dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis of the brand JED 22-01 have been shown.

 The following scientific developments were introduced into the national economy:

  • Acid-free method for obtaining complex fertilizers.
  • Acid-free methods for processing phosphorites for obtaining phosphoric and complex fertilizers.
  • Compositions and methods of obtaining magnesium-containing complex fertilizers according to bulk-blending technology.
  • Methods and conditions for the preparation of chromium orthophosphate of crystalline and amorphous modifications and the preparation on their basis of fillers for electrorheological suspensions.
  • Preparation of a water-containing phosphate filler for ERS.
  • Water-containing filler for electrorheological suspensions.
  • Composition and technology of obtaining technical and synthetic detergents.