International Cooperation. Our Partners

Partners in the field of scientific activities:

Since January 2017, there is a branch of the Department under the OJSC “NPO "Center. The branch has as its goal the improvement of the quality of training of engineering personnel and personnel of the highest qualification for the production of building materials, as well as the improvement of practical training of specialists, the unification and effective use of the scientific and technical potential of institutions for the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of equipment for the production of building materials, carrying out research work and introducing the results of joint research into production. Within the framework of the branch the following works are performed: organization, conduct and management of production practices; conducting on-site laboratory work on the discipline “Machines and equipment of construction materials enterprises”; reading lectures on the section Calculations and design of machines and aggregates”; reviewing of diploma projects by leading specialists of the enterprise; participation of representatives of the enterprise in the protection of the diploma projects as members of the State Examination Commission

Partners in the field of educational services:

The Department has agreements on cooperation in the field of education with such secondary specialized educational institutions as: Belarusian State Technical College of Building Materials Industry; Borisov State Polytechnic College; Novopolotsk State Polytechnic College; Soligorsk State Mining and Chemical College; Technological College of Grodno State University named after J. Kupala.

Within the framework of these agreements, a set of graduates of secondary special educational institutions for accelerated training for full-time and part-time forms is being implemented.


OJSC “SINI”, OJSC “BCP”, OJSC “GrodnoAzot”, OJSC “Keramin”, OJSC “MBMP”, OJSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”, OJSC “Krasnoselskstroimaterialy”, OJSC “Promtekhmontazh”, OJSC “Grodno KSM”, OJSC “Plant of Expanded Clay Gravel”, etc.