Research and Innovation

Studies are carried out mainly in the field of Mechanics and technology of composite materials within the framework of state programs of scientific research and scientific and technical programs, under contracts with enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and with foreign firms. Employees of the department also participate in research and development carried out by other departments of the university and scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

During the period from 2010 to 2015, the Department staff published about 200 works, 50 of them in scientific journals, including foreign ones, made more than 90 reports at scientific conferences, received 11 patents for inventions and utility models.

The Department maintains scientific and methodical relations with other departments of the university, with higher institutions and scientific institutions of Belarus, Russia, other countries – Germany, Poland, Finland, South Korea.

The list of directions of scientific activity of the Department of Mechanics of Materials and Structure for 2016-2020

Name of scientific directions of the faculty

The list of the main search and applied problems solved in this direction

Mechanics of composite materials, structuring of composite materials

- study of the processes of structure formation and mechanical properties of composite materials at the stages of shaping and operation of products;

- development of criteria for optimization of the structure of materials on technical, economic and operational indicators in final products;

- development of methods for experimental evaluation of the properties of anisotropic materials in products;

- methods of nondestructive testing of the indicators of anisotropic materials and their quality in products

Technology of processing polymers, elastomers, and composites

- equipment and means of technological equipment for the production of products from composite materials;

- one-stage molding of composite products from thermoplastic polymers and compositions based on them;

- processing of polymeric and other waste products, including substandard and filled waste, into products

Mathematical modeling of materials, structures and technologies

- mathematical description of the behavior of materials at the stage of shaping products and in final products, taking into account the anisotropy of properties;

- development of methods for assessing the nature of the behavior of materials using numerical methods of analysis;

- development of analytical methods for assessing the operability of structures from materials with a hybrid and anisotropic structure

Additive technologies for the production of products made of polymer and composite materials

- regularity of viscous flow and homogenization of the composition at the stage of printing of bulk structures in the article;

- mechanisms for combining (consolidating) reinforced layers in the spatial configuration of products;

- conditions for creating anisotropy of properties in the process of printing products for operational requirements;

- methods for estimating and predicting performance indicators taking into account the layered structure and anisotropy of materials;

- Kinetics and Mechanics of 3D printing of anisotropic reinforced structures