Research and Innovation

The scientific school has been formed for more than 45 years of the Department experience, the main directions of which are:

  • scientific, pedagogical and research specialists training in chemical and technical engineering as well as the design specialists training in chemical technology and mechanics for chemical industry and allied spheres of production;
  • scientific feasibility of technological processes and moving phenomena intensification with hydrodynamic methods when phases interaction in homogeneous and heterogeneous atmospheres;
  • high-speed and energy saving devices construction to carry out processes of absorption, evaporation, rectification, separation, extraction, with engineering methods of analysis development.

Scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists’ training was successfully performed at the same time. Four doctoral theses and more than twenty Candidate’s dissertations were defended within school.

Nowadays the staff of the scientific school pays much attention to the research and development works aimed at the low-waste technologies creation (resource – saving) as well as power inputs lowering in chemical industry and allied spheres of production.

Scientific directions of theoretical and experimental researches:

- Perfection of apparatus-technological design of heat and mass transfer processes and methods of their calculation. 

- Development and research of separation devices for trapping droplets and dust from gas (vapor) media. 

- Dust collection, energy saving in gas cleaning systems, construction improvement of cyclone devices.