Research and Innovation

The scientific direction of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics is the statistical mechanics of the condensed state of matter. At present the following intensive theoretical studies are conducted at the Department:

• Lattice systems that have important applications for the analysis of intercalation systems (such as working environments for lithium batteries, solar cells);

• Vibrational relaxation of strongly excited molecules in condensed media;

• Properties of polymer molecules.

The subjects of scientific investigations of the department correspond to the "List of prior directions of scientific research of the Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015", namely items 2 "Supramolecular chemistry, chemical synthesis of new substances and materials with a specified structure, functional and physical-chemical properties. New chemical products and technologies "(subparagraph 2.1 “Directional synthesis of new functional chemical compounds and investigation of “structure-properties” dependencies, supramolecular, hybrid and molecularly organized substances and materials based on them, polymerization processes, structure and physical-chemical properties of synthetic and Natural polymers”) and 8 “New materials for industry, medicine and construction, science-intensive technologies for their production. Metallurgical and Foundry Processes” (subpoint 8.1 “Structure and physical properties of condensed media, new magnetic, ferroelectric, semiconductor, superconducting, radiation-resistant and super hard materials and composites, photonic and nonlinear optical crystals”).