What is marketing?

Marketing is the key giving the chance to work in the brightest and interesting spheres of society where successful businessmen, politicians, scientists and stars of show business live and work.

It is an opportunity not only to appear in the center of the most interesting events, but also to create these events and news!


What will our specialty give you?

You learn what is network marketing and what it differs from strategic or international marketing in. As it is correct to conduct market researches. And what books on marketing should be read.

About us

We train experts who in several years should operate minds and hearts of citizens of our society. Those who create bright images and the memorable slogans. Those who write speeches for governors and deputies are trained by addresses of directors of the largest companies of the country, build chains of communications between the power, business and society.

Marketing specialist is:

Analyst is the expert who is carrying out collecting and the analysis of market information. Researcher is the expert who can qualitatively organize and conduct a market research. He is engaged in drawing up questionnaires, conducts surveys and is engaged in digitization of data.  
  Copywriter is the expert who writes advertizing texts. Result of high-quality work of the copywriter & ndash; the text after which reading there is desire to buy the advertized goods.   Internet marketing specialist is the expert who promotes the company on the Internet. For example, advance on social networks, such as VKontakte, facebook, instagram, etc.
Designer is the designer, the person who is engaged in art and technical activity in different branches (including the architect, the designer, the illustrator, the designer of poster and other advertizing graphics, the web designer).   Specialist in communications  is the expert who plans advertizing strategy, makes reports on advertizing activities and owns the legislation, the theory and practice of advertizing marketing.
Specialist in sales is the expert who is engaged in sale of goods and services of the companies, the circle of clients expands and maintains with them partnership.   Specialist in public relations is the expert who is engaged in formation and maintenance of positive public opinion about the company, a personnel (person), a product (goods), an event.


You will study

1 course - the Economic theory, Microeconomics, Marketing;

2 course - Macroeconomic, National economy of Belarus, Strategic marketing, Logistics, Economy of the organization;

3 course - Commodity policy, Market researches, the International marketing, Marketing communications, the International economy, Functional and cost the analysis, Management of purchases, Marketing audit;

4 course - Marketing of innovations, Marketing in branches, Internet marketing, Creation of creative advertizing, Distribution of goods, the Customs relations.

Main types and tasks of professional activity of the marketing specialist

Marketing researches:

studying of an environment of the external and internal markets;

carrying out market researches and use of marketing information systems;

management of commodity policy of the enterprise according to inquiries of consumers;

studying and management of behavior of the consumer.

Operational and strategic planning of marketing:

strategic and tactical planning of activity of the enterprise in the internal and external markets;

optimization, choice and creation of marketing strategy and tactics;

development of marketing price strategy;

ensuring competitiveness of the enterprise in the market.

Inventory management, production and sale on the basis of logistics:

rational organization of purchases;

definition of distribution centers and stock rates;

management of material streams.

Promotional and informational activity:

preparation, carrying out advertizing campaigns and assessment of their efficiency;

development of actions for creation of image of the enterprise;

creation of brands;

development and organization of holding actions for sales promotion.

These tasks are provided with studying of disciplines of specialty: marketing bases, market researches and information systems, marketing communications, the international marketing, information and advertizing activity, marketing in branches and fields of activity, strategic marketing.

Training at our department is:

High level of teaching and large number of experts teachers;​

Excellent material and technical resources, convenient arrangement in the downtown;

Possibility of passing of a training at the large enterprises of the country;

Available cost of training;

Quality economic education;

Available lowest passing scores.


Address: Sverdlov St., 13а building 4, lecture hall. 241, 242

Phone: +375 17 3277066