Research and Innovation

Research and Development at the Department is carried out in several directions and is focused on solving fundamental and applied problems. Scientific directions of the Department:

- international management;

- corporate management;

- forest management;

- environmental management;

- strategic management;

- financial management;

- management of innovations;

- personnel management;

- sustainable development and environmental security of the Republic of Belarus;

- sustainable nature management in the Republic of Belarus;

- forest policy, theory and practice of forest and forestry management;

- economics, ecological and economic policy for the development of specially protected  natural areas;

- economic tools for the reproduction of natural capital and ecosystem services in the system of sustainable development;

- management of environmental risks for sustainable nature management;

- establishing of a "green" economy in the Republic of Belarus;

- sustainable tourism development in the Republic of Belarus;

- forestry business and sustainable development policy.


The key research areas are the following:

1. Management:

  • ecological management;
  • personal management;
  • forest management.
  • Preparation of the state-of-the-art textbooks and manuals in management (including strategic, financial, entrepreneurial, production management).

2. Nature management economics:

  • theory and practice of sustainable nature management;
  • theory of ecological rent and rental relations in nature management;
  • development of the unified system of ecological payments;
  • ecological and economic mechanism for biodiversity preservation;
  • mandatory ecological insurance system in the Republic of Belarus and its scientific legal provisions;
  • forest policy, forest and forestry management theory and practice;
  • ecological and economic appraisal and cost record-keeping system for forests;
  • ecological and economic mechanism for sustainable forest exploitation;
  • forest real estate: theory, appraisal, management system;
  • ecological and economic evaluation for wood utilization for energy production purposes.