Department of Physical Training and Sport

History of the department

In 1988 – 2009, the Department was headed by V.A. Pasichnichenko. Since 2010, the Head of the Department is Filippov Nikolai Nikolayevich, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

The Department of Physical Training and Sport was founded in 1947. Dvoskin Mikhail Lvovich, Honored Trainer of the BSSR, Veteran of the Great Patriotic War and Veteran of Labor, was its first Head. He paid great attention to the design of non-standard equipment for gyms; for this work, in 1973, he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (EANE, Moscow). Under his direction, the sports facilities of the University were created.

In 1950 – 1954, the Department was headed by V.P. Nedeltsev, Senior Teacher, veteran of the Great Patriotic War; since 1974, during 15 years, by O.A. Mikhnevich and A.V. Lebedko.

In various times, several famous specialists, Honored Trainer of Belarus, worked at the Department, such as Dvoskin M.L., Dubov B.S., Pavlov I.G., Solovyova A.V., Zhmakin V.A.

Gennady Unukovich, Master of Sports, was the first Champion of the USSR in “Ready for Labor and Defense” Multisport. Sergeyev S. (ski), Tolkachev V. and Karpinkin G. (biathlon), Masters of Sports (International Class), were the winners of Belarusian and all-union (USSR) competitions. The University field hockey and handball (Tekhnolog Handball Club) teams competed in the USSR Championships. Varvara Gorbatovich (sambo wrestling) won bronze medals of the World and European Championships. Alikin A., Belyayev S., Popkov V. won silver medals of the USSR Youth Championship in biathlon relay race.

Sports base BSTU

The sports base includes a stadium with a football, 4 volleyball, 2 tennis and basketball sports grounds with an artificial surface.

Also there are a sports complex, which includes a game room, fight halls, aerobics and a therapeutic physical training hall.