Educational Activities

Classes in physical education of the University held on 1-4 courses in the form of required training in the amount of 4 hours per week in 7 faculties. They are held with students in three academic departments: primary, special and sports. Students are assigned to offices based on the results of the medical examination and the presence of sports category.

For carrying out of educational work in physical education in the University, there are five sports halls, a stadium, open sports grounds with artificial turf, three gyms, a ski depot has 400 pairs of skis, a soccer field and a volleyball court in Negorelsky training and experimental forestry.

Work with students of the sports development department is organized in the afternoon. Classes are held in 26 kinds of sports: volleyball (male and female), basketball (male), football (male and female), wrestling sambo (male and female) and judo (male, female) Free (male, female) wrestling, table tennis (men, women), track and field athletics, handball, arm wrestling, weightlifting and other sports.