Research and Innovation

At the Department of Physical Education and Sports scientific activity is carried out in the following areas:

- healthy physical culture and sports;

- a sport of higher achievements.

Within the framework of these directions, subjects are being developed, such as "Modern approaches in the preparation of standard and curriculum programs in the discipline" Physical Culture "for higher educational institutions"; "Effective methodology for the formation of theoretical knowledge and skills in the process of classes in the physical education of students"; "Modern approaches to the organization of the educational process for the physical education of students of a special educational department"; "The value of motor activity for a person."

Scientific cooperation with leading domestic and foreign universities, institutes and organizations is carried out:

  • Educational institution "Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture";
  • Educational institution "Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named after TG Shevchenko";
  • Educational institution "Sofia University of St. Clement of Ohrid".

In 2017, the department of FViS took part in the following conferences:

  • 81th scientific and technical conference of teaching staff, researchers and aspirators of BSTU;
  • XV International Science Session on the results of research for 2015 (Minsk, BSUPhC, 2016).

The department carries out scientific research, experimental design and technological work on the topic of SB 55-16 "Experimental substantiation of program standards and assessments of physical readiness of technical college students at the present stage".

The head of the state budget theme is the head of the department, Ph.D., N. Filippov.