Research Work of Students

Scientific adviser:  associate professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences Anatoli Tsimafeyeu


The work of students is conducted in the following areas:

  • Characteristics of the means and methods used in sports training;
  • Rehabilitation of physical culture and sports and professional activities;
  • Drawing up of individual programs of independent studies;
  • Therapeutic physical culture in various diseases;
  • Immunity. The factor that reduces and increases immunity. Physical exercises to improve immunity;
  • Development of physical qualities of students;
  • The social importance of physical culture and sports;
  • Hygienic bases of physical culture and sports;
  • Exercise to improve mood, to increase the body's mental resistance to unfavorable factors.

April 11, 2018 in the sports complex BSTU was a research conference of university students in the section "Physical Culture".

17 reports on the following topics were presented:

  • healthy lifestyle;
  • methods of physical training;
  • means to increase the level of general physical fitness;
  • modern sports youth areas;
  • technologies of rehabilitation and recreation;
  • development of the Olympic professional movement;
  • applied physical training of specialists in the technological profile;

and etc.

Leading teachers of the department, representatives of the EEF dean's office, students of all faculties of the University took part in the discussion of student's works.

Text: Associate Professor of the Department of PhTS Dolinin E.N.

19.04.2016. A student scientific conference was held at which 24 reports were presented, of which 12 reports were heard and 12 papers were presented in a poster version.

Following the results of the conference, the best reports of the following students were noted:





1. Маnich Е. (Organic Substances Technology Faculty)


- The dynamics of the incidence of university students
Head: Assoc. prof., V. Kulikov 


2.Besarab А., Yaremenko V.  (Organic Substances Technology Faculty)



-Physical culture in the life of BSTU students

Head: Teacher, A. Guseva

3. Pilatov K.   (Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty)

- Nordic walking technique and the effect of employment on physical development and physical readiness of students

Head: Head of Department, Ph.D., N. Filippov