For students

«Management in real estate», full-time studies

Duration - 4 years

KEY studied disciplines:

- development and marketing analysis of the real estate market;

- modern technologies in real estate management: GIS, BIM, e-government;

- town planning and territorial planning;

- cadastre and real estate registry;

- psychology of management;

- real estate management;

- business and real estate valuation;

- financial management;

- fundamentals of realtor activity;

- business process management and company restructuring;

- management of investments and projects;

- forecasting and regulation of the economy;

- professional foreign language.

EXCEPTIONAL opportunities for students

Participation in international conferences and summer schools.

Internships abroad and international exchange programs.

Training in aerospace monitoring centers "Geomonitoring" and "Management"housing on the basis of the "Smart House" system"

Additional for modern software tools for manager and business analyst studies

Business cases for creation and promotion of start-ups.

Practical training in ministries, banks, concerns, appraisal organizations, real estate groups, key industry enterprises.