Department of Energy-Saving, Hydraulics and Heat Engineering

About the Department. The pre-graduation Department of Energy-Saving, Hydraulics and Heat Engineering was founded in 1997 (on the basis of general education Department of Hydraulics and Heat Engineering which in its turn was formed on the basis of the Department of Power Engineering formed in 1960). 

Specialities and Specialisations. The Department trains specialists in “Energy-Effective Technology and Energy Management” with specialisations “Energy-Effective Technologies in Chemical Industry Complex” and “Energy-Effective Technologies in Forestry Complex”. The Department participates in advanced training and retraining of personnel. Postgraduate study and master course are provided by the Department for further training of specialists.

Academic Activities. The Department provides courses on the main speciality and disciplines at other faculties in 3 areas: energy, heat engineering and hydraulic according to the curricula. Information technologies with application of multimedia complexes are widely used at lecturing and applied computer programs are used in practical (laboratory) classes. The subject competition is held on energy saving.

Facilities. The Department has 6 laboratories:

  • two laboratories of heat engineering type: of thermodynamics and heat transfer;
  • two laboratories of hydraulic type: of hydraulics and a hydraulic drive;
  • one laboratory on energy saving;
  • one laboratory on methods and devices of registration, control and regulation of power resources.

Specialised computerised test bench with electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters is used in laboratories; laboratory installations for studying of the usage efficiency of heat and electric energy; simulation laboratory installations for studying of renewable energy sources (sun, wind). Devices for non-contact and contact temperature measurement are studied and used for diagnostics of heat-generating and heat-consuming installations. Devices are also applied for measurement of air mobility and humidity, for studying functioning peculiarities of hydraulic drives and for studying hydraulic losses in channels, characteristics of the main pumps types.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 87 30