Research and Innovation

Scientific direction of the Department includes the study of the processes, the development of new technologies, devices, methods and software to improve the efficiency of production and consumption of energy, to replace imported fuel and energy resources by local and renewable sources of energy, including the development of nuclear energy and increasing security in emergency situations. 

Currently work is in progress on the following topics and areas:

 • Development of a method of expert analysis of thermodynamic characteristics of the multilayer contact heat exchange surfaces of complex configuration (head, executive in charge Ph. D., Professor Andrizhievskiy A.A.).

 • Energy inspection (energy audit) of the organizations with the consumption of fuel and energy resources up to 50 thousand tons of conditional fuel per year (supervisor doctor of technical Sciences Volodin V. I.). The certificate of conformity registered in the register of Gosstandart of the Republic of Belarus №BY/112 04.17.003 10659 of May 23, 2012

A research laboratory, which operated in open wind tunnel, allowing to perform multi-dimensional experimental study of convective heat transfer and aerodynamic resistance of the cross-streamlined bundles from finned tubes of various design and bare-tube beams in the interval Re = 300060000. It is possible to conduct experiments to determine the thermal contact resistance of bimetallic finned heat-exchange pipes of different design in a wide temperature range. Equipment available to the Department, allows to conduct the research at a high level. Over the past 5 years, the research results were reported at 37 national and 29 international conferences, 180 articles were published in periodicals and collections of scientific works. 38  patents have been received. The Department participated in 4 exhibitions.

Scientific research results of the Department Stuff


It has been designed for heating drying air in wood-drying kilns, the ventilating air in the dryer section of papermaking and cardboard machines and in other systems. The heat transfer surface consists of staggered finned bimetal tubes (BRT) double wound with aluminum KLM fins of outer diameter d = 57mm and the coefficient of the fins 22. In comparison with analogues the device with a specified heat flux has the volume which is smaller in 1.25 times  and the metal content which is smaller in 1.64 times. Consumption of aluminum in the fins is reduced by 75%. Patent protection includes patents of the Republic of Belarus for a utility model No. 4814 "Heat exchange finned tube" and No. 5457 "Heat exchange bimetallic finned tube".

Surface Condensing Heat Regenerator

It has been designed for deep cooling of combustion products of natural gas boilers of industrial enterprises with the purpose of heating water for domestic hot water. The heat exchanger is a radiator type of heat exchanger, tube bundle of which consists of  bimetallic tubes with spiral knurled aluminum fins, the ends of which are contained in the tube grids. Support tubes are composed of carbon and stainless steel. The range of gas cooling is from 250 to 45–50 оС.

Technical and economic indicators. Increased reliability due to the increased corrosion resistance. Fuel saving up to 10%. The payback period is one year. Protection of intellectual property includes the Surface condensing heat exchanger: patent 6821 Republic of Belarus for a utility model. Applications – boilers on natural gas. Proposals for cooperation with investors. The sale of a license to use a patent, a contract for a conceptual design, accompanied by technical and working project, author's supervision.


Designed for thermal and hydraulic calculation of heat transfer equipment:

• air cooling units of gas and oil-refining industry

• steam and water heaters of any modifications and assignments

• utilizers of warmth of products of combustion of gas-oil boilers,

• air-cooled oil coolers, large power transformers,

• large air-cooled condensers of refrigerating machines,

• the intermediate and end gas coolers of compressor machines,

• plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers for the sectional individual and centralized heat supply stations.

The advantage of the software is

 • optimization of the complex for requirements of professionals in chemical, petrochemical and other complexes and the existing base of standardized heat exchangers used in the CIS and Baltic States that allows the calculation of heat exchangers with no special knowledge and skills;

 • the use of similarity equations for heat transfer and resistance on the air side for a specific type of heat transfer surface, which is obtained based on a target blow-beams in the wind tunnel and the accuracy of calculation of the given heat transfer coefficient and the pressure drop of the air does not exceed ±5%.

The scope are departments of design and management of sales of the enterprises of gas, refining, chemical, pulp and paper, food and other industries. The practical use - the software system is successfully used by the design service and the Department of management of sales of ZAO "Octyabrskhimmash", Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Oktyabrsk.


The purpose is joint calculated design of parameters of the cycle, heat exchangers and piping circuit of  heat transformers (cooling and cooling-heating machines, heat pumps) based on the work of real compressors. Feature - it allows to develop new devices and choose the best modes of available ones, taking into account changes of external and internal factors (climatic conditions, security restrictions). The method is implemented as a software package. The difference is that it adequately describes the operation of the equipment of the heat transformer and apparatus of the process circuit. Practical use. Thermal design method was used to analyze the efficiency of the refrigerants and the development of prototypes of refrigeration and refrigeration and heating machinery in JIPNR–Sosny, experimental design bureau Academicheskoe and SPC for agricultural mechanization of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus.