Our Partners

The Department maintains creative links with institutions of education and science of the Republic of Belarus, near and far abroad countries– Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the USA. The results of cooperation are reflected in scientific publications, presentations at conferences, symposia, seminars at various levels. Together with Belarusian and foreign partners a number of research projects is carried out.

Belarusian partners in the sphere of education and science are the Belarusian National Technical University, Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University, the state scientific institution "Physical-technical Institute of NAS of Belarus", SSPA "Scientific-practical center of NAS of Belarus for materials science", Institute of heat and mass transfer named after A. V. Lykov NAS of Belarus and other agencies of education and national Academy of Sciences – joint publications, participation in conferences, implementation of joint research projects set by the state programs of various levels, economic contracts.


Federal state budgetary science institution "Physical-technical Institute named after A. F. Ioffe of Russian Academy of Sciences" (St. Petersburg) – more than 50 joint publications have been published , an Agreement on scientific-technical cooperation has been signed . Institute of materials science and metallurgy named after A. A. Baikov – joint scientific research in the field of plasma and nanotechnology. Lomonosov Moscow State University – joint scientific research in the field of nanotechnology.


Zaporizhzhya National Technical University -  joint projects Ukraine-Belarus are being implemented, more than 10 joint publications with the rector Professor S. B.  Belikov, Professor I. P. Top and others have been published, an Agreement on bilateral cooperation has been signed. Institute of metal physics UAS (Kiev) –scientific contacts with scientist with a world name, academician, Director   Ivasishin have been established. 


 Kaunas University of technology –a number of joint scientific publications have been published , a cooperation Agreement has been signed .


Karaganda State Industrial University ( the sity of Temirtau) – a number of joint scientific publications have been published, an Agreement on cooperation in the field of educational services, training of qualified personnel and research has been concluded , the Department carried out research on the order of KSIU.


Columbia University (New York) -  agreement on joint research activities, publications in the journal "Materials for electronics" with the world's top scientist head of the Department of materials science, Professor, a consultant to IBM, editor-in-chief of the journal "Materials for electronics" Katien Barmak have been reached. Technological Institute of New Jersey (Newark) agreement on joint research in the field of 3D technologies has been reached.