Department of Technology and Design of Wooden Articles

About the Department. The department history dates back to 1930, when in Gomel as a part of the Forestry Institute the Department of Mechanical Technology of Wood was created. Later it was reorganised several times and in 2008 it was renamed from the Woodworking Technology Department into the Department of Technology and Design of Wooden Articles. The Department is headed by Sergey Shetko, PhD (Engineering), Assistant Professor. 

Specialities and Specialisations. The Department trains industrial engineers in “Woodworking Technology” (specialisation “Woodworking Technology” and “Technology and Design of Furniture”) and technical training engineers of speciality “Woodworking”. The Department participates in qualification up-grade and retraining of the academic staff. Postgraduate study and master course are provided by the Department.

Academic Activities. There are the following courses and disciplines at the Department: Design, Construction and Technology of Woodwork, Designing of Woodworking Enterprises, Technical-Training Activity in the field of Woodworking. Information technologies with application of multimedia complexes and applied computer programs are widely used.

Facilities. Testing of protective-decorative coatings and glues, woodwork, aspiration elements of pneumatic transport is carried out at the department laboratories; problems of computer modelling and analysis in the course of design and engineering-technological preparation of woodwork manufacture are solved.

Profilograph is used in laboratories to measure the form and parameters of surface roughness of woodwork, abrasivity meter – to define attrition resistance paint-and-lacquer coatings and materials, electronic thickness meter of paint-and-lacquer coatings, electronic gloss meter – to control the surface reflection power and other equipment.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 67 41