International Cooperation

Academic partners of the Department are various institutions and enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries, including: “Lonza Wood Protection” (Switzerland), “Lithuanian Railways” (Lithuania), “Latvian Railways” (Latvia), RUE “Borisov Railway Sleepers Impregnation Plant”, ALC “Ognezashchita”, LLC “Nanotechnologii” ( Nanotechnologies), JSC “Brest Household Chemicals Factory”, RUE Belorusneft, JSC Lesokhimik, CJSC “Rogneda” (RF), CJSC “IPK Rosneftekhim” (RF), LLC “Ecotechnology” (RF), “Protivopozharnye raboty” (Fire protection work), “BDPO”, “Brest regional fire protection plant”, UE “Remstroyput”, BSU Research Institute of FHP, "Archaeological Museum Berestie" of the Brest Regional Museum of Local History, etc.

The main directions of scientific work:

  • Technology and equipment for sawmilling and wood processing industries;
  • Rational use of wood raw materials;
  • Theory, technology equipment for hydrothermal processing of wood and wood materials;
  • Technology and equipment for wood panels and plywood production;
  • Theory, technology and equipment of fire and biosecurity of wood, building constructions and materials.

Scientific and technological developments of the Department are implemented at enterprises:

  • OJSK “Borisov shpalopropitochny plant”: resource-saving low-temperature technology for sleepers impregnating; highly effective import-substituting antiseptics; monitoring system of sleepers condition in operating conditions
  • RUE "Zavod gazetnoj bumagi” (Newsprint Factory) "Domostroenie" branch, OJSC "Borisovskiy DOK": wall panels constructions of frame buildings.

For architectural monuments of the Republic of Belarus, methods for determining the strength characteristics of wood have been developed, processing of objects was done with the help of fire and biosafety compounds.

The Scientific and Research Laboratory of Fire Protection of Building Structures and Materials tests protective means for wood and impregnated wood.