Department of Belarusian Philology

About the Department. The Department of Belarusian Philology was founded in 1996. The Department provides educational, methodical, scientific, ideological and educational work at the faculty and the University. It is headed by Olga Rusak, PhD (Philology), Assistant Professor.

The Department of Belarusian Philology promotes training of qualified specialists, combining high professional and scientific expertise, common culture /culture and world outlook /worldview, based on the priorities of the Belarusian statehood; it forms a well-educated, spiritual and moral personality.

Academic Activities. The main disciplines taught by the teachers of the Department are: the Belarusian language (professional vocabulary), the modern Belarusian language, practical and functional stylistics of the Belarusian language, culture of speech, the modern Russian language, Russian as a foreign language, practical and functional stylistics of the Russian language, the history of Belarusian literature, history of the world literature, regional geography and local history,  business etiquette and office work.

A literary club ”Vetlitsa”  and  a student association ”Poisk” consisting of a number of circles such as ”The Dialogue of Cultures”, ”Memory”, ”Legacy”, ”My Motherland – Belarus”, ”Know your land”, ”Krynica” and ”Patriot” enjoy great popularity at the department.

Contact information:
Tel.: +375 17 327-62-41