Department of Editing and Publishing Technology

Brief survey. The Department of Editing and Publishing Technology was organized in 1999 and trains editors-engineers in the speciality ”Publishing”. The Head of the Department is Vladimir Kulikovich, PhD (Philology), Associate  Professor. 

Academic Activities.  The Department provides teaching courses in the  speciality ”Publishing”. Information technologies and software are actively employed in the teaching process. A subject competition in editing is held at the faculty annually.

The Department staff cooperate with government and private publishing houses, as well as the publishing houses of periodic editions. Teachers of the Department are experts in the field of book science, editing, processing of text and graphic information, design, advertising and promotion of books.

Alongside with training, the Department carries out an intensive educational and research work. Dozens of textbooks and other teaching materials have been published by the teachers of the department.

The Department trains highly qualified specialists at Master's Degree course in the speciality ”Journalism” and PhD course in the speciality ”Information systems and processes. Legal aspects of information”. Beginning with the third year, students have practical training at the largest enterprises of publishing and printing industry of the Republic of Belarus.

Publishing and printing is one of the most profitable and fast growing industries, combining the latest information, philological, economic, printing, advertising and other technologies. This enables a graduate to become a highly-qualified specialist in a very promising area of business and to work as head of an  editorial board or publishing house, as a literary, scientific or technical editor, proofreader, designer, make-up specialist, manager. Graduates can be engaged in advertising and marketing of printed products. In addition, a graduate possesses all the necessary skills and knowledge to start his or her own publishing house and  run a successful business.

In recent years, students are actively mastering information technologies which allow them being further successfully engaged in web-design and preparation of electronic publications.

Our graduate possesses knowledge of state standards  in publishing, editorial and publishing process technologies, economics of publishing, editing techniques of various kinds of literature, procedures for preparing manuscripts for submission to the production, processing of text and graphic information using computer technologies, technologies of printing production, licensing publishing, state and prospects of the book market development and copyright.

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