Deparment of Intercultural Communication and Technical Translation



About the Department. The Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 1950 to teach students of all faculties of the university foreign language (English, German, French, and Spanish) for special purposes. Since 2012 the Head of the Department has been Diana V. Starchenko. The Department staff comprises 31 teachers, including 1 Candidate of Linguistics, Assistant Professor and 1 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, 14 senior teachers, and 14 teachers.

Academic Activities. The Department is not a graduating one. For this reason it delivers courses in foreign language for the 1st and 2nd year students studying their graduation speciality, the 3d and 4th year students mastering the additional speciality “Interpreter of scientific and technical literature”; and Master and Post-Graduate courses. Students of senior courses try themselves in analyzing and investigating original scientific literature on speciality, making reports on the bases of literary reflection, creating academic films and presentations for republican and international conferences.

Since 2010 the Center of Language Training has started operating at the University, with more than 210 students and lecturers a year mastering English and German. The Center provides great facilities those lectures of graduating departments who have to teach special subjects in foreign language and carry out scientific work with foreign colleagues. Students of the University also have a good opportunity to improve their communicative skills at the Center courses. Applications for admission to the Center courses are submitted twice a year, in September and February.


Educative work at the department is also diverse. Apart from the traditional ways and methods of directing it, teaching staff of the department has introduced two students clubs – “Lingua” and “Back to roots” – both directed at stimulating research, educational, and intelligent activities of students of all faculties and years of studying. The “Back to Roots” club works out and organizes tours for students all over our Motherland, Belarus, intended at students’ developing patriotic feelings while visiting ancient castles, churches, historically famous towns and villages with tour-excursion programs. On the other hand, the “Lingua” club works out and organizes tours for students to countries of studied foreign language, like the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, intended at practicing communicative skills of students in the natural linguistic sphere while meeting with teachers and students of foreign universities and institutes.

Facilities. The Department equipment includes 4 desktop computers, 1 notebook computers, 3 printers, 1 express scanner, 1 copiers. The Internet is available. The Department’s facilities, including its classrooms and computers, are sufficient for training activities implemented by the Department.

Research. The areas of scientific and research activities implemented by the Department are as follows: “The development of profession-creative directivity of students of technological universities” and “Some ways of stimulating the academic process of teaching first or second-year students technological universities foreign language”. For teaching purposes, the Department staff uses innovative technologies and advanced training methods, such as problem situation modeling and resolving, computer-aided delivery of courses, development and application of the electronic database, simulation-based training technologies (business games, role-playing games), rating-type knowledge assessment, educational films and presentations etc. The Foreign Languages Olympiads, Linguistic Competitions, and Exhibitions are held.

Contact information:

The Department of Foreign Languages (and the Center of Language Training) is located on the first floor of hostel #2.

The Department phone number is (+375 17) 226 10 82.