Research and Innovation

The main research trend of the Department of Printing Equipment and Information Processing Systems aims at investigating of machine processes and aggregates for printing production and information processing systems to increase the efficiency of the performance of the machines and mechanisms, to increase productivity, accuracy and reliability of processing systems of digital images.

The department staff  develop various research fields:

  • The development of algorithmic and software to improve the quality of compression and restoration of digital images for printing and publishing complex.
  • The service maintenance of equipment at printing and publishing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.
  • The development of advanced technology and installation(setting) for heat-sensitive plating.
  • The development and research of rational structures of system creations for printing machines “Electric Shaft”.
  • The optimization of management of content Intranet/Internet by resources of computer networks at printing and publishing enterprises.
  • The optimization of nonlinear systems on a microprocessor basis for printing equipment.
  • The design of multimedia training systems.
  • The development of systems and equipment of image processing (photoplotters, scanners, plotters).

​The Department of Printing Equipment and Information Processing Systems carries out scientific and practical interaction with leading educational institutions and enterprises of publishing and printing in the field of printing.