Department of Forest Roads and Timber Transportation

About the Department. This pre-graduation Department is one of the oldest in our Technological University. Its foundations were laid in the period of creation of the Forestry Institute in Gomel (1930). The Head of the Department is the assistant professor, PhD (Engineering) Naskovets M. 

Specialities and Specialisations. The department trains specialists in “Forestry Engineering” and participates in qualification up-grade and retraining of personnel. Postgraduate study and master course are provided by the department for further training of specialists.

Academic Activities.The department provides studying of special disciplines of the speciality “Forestry Engineering”. These disciplines are: “Designing of Forest Roads”, “Construction and Operation of Forest Roads”, “Soil Science with Foundations of Soil Mechanics”, “Investigation of Forest Roads and Hydrology of Artificial Structures”, “Road-building Materials”, “Road-building and Construction Machines”, “Organization of Transport-Technological Processes”, “Foundations of Construction Engineering”, etc. The department also provides special disciplines for speciality “Landscape Architecture”. Modern textbooks are an essential part of all disciplines provided by the department.

Information technologies with application of multimedia complexes are widely used at lecturing and applied computer programs in practical and laboratory classes. Every year the department organizes subject competitions in the disciplines taught. Modern unique equipment and semiindustrial installations are used at laboratory classes. The theoretical knowledge of students receives practical application during a variety of educational and practical trainings which take place at modern advanced enterprises of the timber processing complex of our country.

Facilities.The department has two laboratories. One laboratory is the place which houses the specialised experimental test bench with the soil channel; there is a weight measuring complex, tensometric equipment and sensors for durability analysis of road structures; devices and installations for complex testing of soil and road-building materials. The second laboratory contains the dataware on a number of curricula disciplines, and it is also equipped with measuring devices.

Scientific Contacts. The department actively collaborates with RUE “Belgiproles” and RUE “Beldornii” within the limits of the created educational, scientific, industrial complexes. Cooperation contracts are concluded with the St.-Petersburg Forestry Engineering Academy.

Prospects of Graduates. Graduates of the department are highly qualified and can work in SLI Minskleskhos and at timber enterprises of the concern “Bellesbumprom”, in road-building and motor transport organisations.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 07 28

E-mail:, [email protected]