Department of Machine Elements, Hoisting and Conveying Equipment

About the Department. During the pre-war period the Department of Machine Elements, Hoisting and Conveying Equipment was called the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, since 1946 - the Department of Technical Mechanics, since 1958 - has the present name. The Department is headed by Sergey Belskiy, PhD (Engineering), Associate Professor.

Specialities. The Department completes general technical training for students of many engineering specialities. Postgraduate study is provided by the department for further training of specialists.

Academic Activities. The Department provides the following courses: Machine Elements; Hoisting and Conveying Equipment; Machine Elements and Design Principles; Design Principles and Machine Elements; Applied Mechanics; Accuracy Standardization and Technical Measurements.

Information technologies with application of multimedia complexes are widely used at lectures and applied computer programs are used in practical and laboratory classes and in course projects. Subject competitions are held in the following specialities: Machine Elements, Applied Mechanics, Accuracy Standardization and Technical Measurements.

Facilities. The Department has 5 laboratories:

  • two laboratories for machine elements and hoisting and conveying equipment;
  • two laboratories for technical measurements;
  • one laboratory for computer calculation and designing of machine elements and units.

Research installations of mechanical transmissions and thread connections, test benches for studying mechanical drives, lift devices and brakes, measuring equipment for control of linear and angular dimensions by contact and non-contact methods, profilograph-profilometer are used in the laboratories.