Xylo Library

The Xylo Library of the Department of Forest protection and Wood science of Belarusian State Technological University is represented by wood samples of the most part of native tree species and a number of foreign wood species from different continents.

The main goals of the Xylo Library are:

  •  creation of a collection of wood control samples in the world for comparative diagnostics of unknown samples;
  •  study of the structure and properties of rare and foreign wood;
  • selection of wood that optimally answer the purposesof their use and the conditions of service;
  • use of collections in educational programs and scientific projects.

The collection of wood samples of various species of woody plants was started in the post-war years, after the move of the Belarusian Forestry Engineering Institute (BSTU) to Minsk  by the director of the institute AK. Petrusha and Professor V.E. Witched. Later a significant contribution to the replenishment of the collection was made by Professor Fedorov NI, who studied the wood of introduced species, assistant professor E.S. Raptunovich and Associate Professor E.E. Paul.

Currently, the curators of Xylo Library are the head of the department Zvyagintsev V B and associate professor Khvasko A.V.

The collection is in constant development. 


We invite concerned specialists to exchange samples of wood. Information on available for exchange samples is contained in the line with a description of each breed of the Xylo Library registry.