Research and Innovation


Development of design projects for the landscape organizing of the Forestry Enterprises:

  • Ivye
  • Molodechno
  • Borisov
  • Krupky


  1. 13-086 "Perspective methods of school territories landscaping under current trends of landscape architecture and type of an educational establishments”.
  2. 2-11 "Conservation and enrichment of gene resources of ornamental and fruit plants, plantings of the parterre part of Botanical Garden in Negoreloe Forestry Experimental station”.
  3. "Improvement of the educational process under conditions of the modern educational environment on the subject "Basis of a Small Garden Design" in terms of trends analysis of development small gardens in the Republic of Belarus."
  4. 13-464 "Floristic decoration of the interior of Figure Skating Sport School"
  5. 13-003 "Residential area of Skryganov str.- Kalvariyskaya str.- the railway. The second construction stage. Dwelling houses No.3а-3g»
  6. 11-047 "Research on the improvement of Minsk residential areas under current conditions"
  7. 28-099 Scientific justification and landscaping project of  Lepel central square and adjacent streets.