Research and Innovation

Research areas of the Department:

– development of ecological trails in the specially protected natural areas of Belarus with estimation of parasitological situation;

– providing practical recommendations on tourists’ protection.

Scientific interests:

1. Ecology of insects, parasitology, forest protection, natural resources, tourism (Kaplich V.);

2. Taxonomy and ecology of agaricoid fungi, plant resources and tourism (Shaporova Ya.);

3. Forest certification; forest pyrology; hunting industry; water resources and tourism (Yushkevich N.);

4. Material culture of Belarus in XIV — XVIII centuries (household ceramics), traditional Belarusian culture (material and spiritual), cultural monuments of Belarus (Zdanovich N.);

5. Belarusian animated, documental and fiction films, computer graphics and animation, cinema advertising (Golikova-Poshka Е.);

6. Food hygiene, biologically active food   (Bondaruk А.);

7. Questions of theory and methodology of population’s life spatial organization; integration processes in the CIS, geography of external trade; problems of social and economic development of trans-border areas and areas of problematic development; territorial and structural analysis of religious sphere; teaching methods of Economic Geography ( Ozem G. );

8. Geochemistry of natural and technogenic landscape; urban ecology; apimonitoring (Ryzhikov V.);

9. Nutrigenomics; molecular biology (Tsygankov V.);

10. Experimental psychology, consumer psychology in the sphere of tourism and hospitality (Lomyanskaya Y.).