According to the Government program “Import-substituting pharmproducts” in October 2011 the branch of the department BT and BE at RUE “Belmedpreparaty” was established.

RUE «Belmedpreparaty» to organize educational process and scientific research:

– provides the branch of the department with rooms equipped with modern technology and equipment used in production of   medical preparations;

– together with the BSTU appoints the head of the branch of the department responsible for educational process scientific research of the students;

– takes part in making up themes of course and diploma projecting in accordance with modern trends of manufacturing of medical preparations;

– organizes trainings of students as technical workers and engineers- technologists;

– selects and sends school-leavers to study full time and distantly;

– gets students acquainted with modern technologies of production of medical preparations;

– selects candidates for fulltime and distant forms of education in magistracy and postgraduate study;

– provides assistance to the department of biotechnology and bioecology in improving material and technical base by means of donation of equipment and other apparatus in accordance with the established procedure and also in scientific research and introduction of the results into the production of medical preparations.

Educational Establishment "Belarusian State Technological University":

– provides organizational and methodological management of the branch of the department;

– assigns highly skilled scientifically-pedagogical personnel to carry out educational process at the branch of the department;

– organizes a group of students with further orientation to work at RUE  «Belmedpreparaty»;

– sends these students to practical training at RUE «Belmedpreparaty» to take part in experimental-production and scientific-research works;

– is in charge of management of course and diploma projecting on a theme of RUE «Belmedpreparaty»;

– sends graduates to work at RUE «Belmedpreparaty» according to the plan of job placement.

Within the frameworks of scientific activity of the branch of the department mutual scientific studies are being carried out.