The Department has 5 research laboratories with total area of 117 m2

  • Laboratory of molecular-biological research,
  • Laboratory of instrumental methods of analyses,
  • Laboratory of bioenergetics,
  • Laboratory of hydrobiological methods of research,
  • Laboratory of biochemical research.

5 educational laboratories with total area of 317m2 are being used.

The Department of Biotechnology and Bioecology has modern equipment of research level of the leading world manufacturers:

  • Genetic analyser Applied Biosystems ABI PPIZM 310 (USA). One capillary sequenator for determining succession of nucleotides in DNA and identification of microorganisms. Applied in genetic engineering, biomedical research and criminalistics. 
  • System for electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Spectrofluorimeter Jasco FP-8500. Applied for registration of fluorescence spectra. Provides highly sensitive and stable measuring in ultraviolet and visible areas of spectrum.
  • Laboratorial Centrifuge Sigma 3K30 (USA). High speed centrifuge for test tubes with capacity of 2,2 – 30 ml with cooling to – 20°C and acceleration more than 60 000 g. Used for preparation of samples in genetic engineering, cloning and sequencing and isolation of biopolymers.
  • Double-beam recording Spectrophotometer Specord U200 Plus. Used for registration of electronic spectra of substances in solutions and layers, study of kinetics of chemical and enzymatic reactions and determining of concentration of chemical substances. 
  • PCR-hood UVT-S BIOSAN (Latvia). Used for manipulations with DNA samples under sterile conditions. 
  • BIOSCAN System (Republic of Belarus). Consists of photo microscope for analysis of objects in transmitted light with electronic data output into a computer. The System is provided with a software with mathematical processing of image data.
  • Freeze drying Cool Safe 100-9 PRO. 
  •  Spectrometer SPECORD M 40 (Germany).
  • Polarimeter POLAMAT A (Germany).
  • Chromatograph Agilent 7820 A (Germany).
  • Laboratorial fermenter. 
  • Tablet press.
  • Laboratorial mixer for powders Venus FTLMV-0,5. 
  • Determination of tablets solubility Apparatus  EDT-08Lx
  • Tablets decay apparatus ED-2L
  • Grateness of tablets apparatus EF-2
  • Mill MF 10 basic
  • Vibrating sieve.  
  • Soksleta apparatus R104 S. 
  •  Set of equipment for sewage analysis (Germany).
  • Peristaltic pump PD 5001. 
  • System of analysis of nitrogen on Kjeldahl (Germany).
  • Ultralowtemperature freezer Arctiko UPUL-580.