Research and Innovation

List of areas of scientific activity of the Department of Biotechnology and Bioecology for 2016-2020

Name of the areas of the department

List of main searching and applied problems, being solved according to the area


Biologically active substances, medicines and veterinary preparations

Molecular-biological research of production of probiotics for poultry keeping

Extraction and analysis of biologically active substances of plant origin to create phytopreparations and medicines

Assessment of bioequivalence of generic medicines

Development of scientific methodological foundation of quantitative determination of medicines by spectral methods


Application of microorganisms in industry and agriculture

Biodegradation of pesticides by soil microorganisms

Microbal transformation of ketones with the obtaining of optically active functional derivatives

Microbal activation of inferior quality phosphorites to obtain complex fertilizers 


Food biotechnologies

Research of manufacturing products of functional food with prolonged shelf life

Research in the area of antimicrobial protection of food products with the help of natural antiseptics and phages


Ecological biotechnology and reasonable usage of natural resources

Establishment of scientific base of management of efficiency of purification of urban sewage

Development of technologies of processing of sediments of urban sewage, agricultural and industrial wastes with obtaining of biogas and by products

Development of methods of biotesting and bioindication of environmental pollution

Biochemical and molecular-genetic assessment of natural and introduced plants with determining the ways of their preservation and reasonable usage

Scientific partners

  •  «Brest State university named after A.S. Pushkin», RUE «Svetlogorsk production association “KHIMVOLOKNO” and enterprise on production of diagnostic and pharmaceutical preparations “Dialek” (27.10.2011);
  • Branch of the department of biotechnology and bioecology at RUE “Belmedpreparaty”
  • Scientific-educational centre “Biotechnologies of plants” of double subordination on the basis of the BSTU and SSE “Central botanical garden of NAS of Belarus”