Research and Innovation


Bosak V.:

  • Provision of health and safety in modern society;
  • Development of agrotechnical and biotechnological methods of cultivation of agricultural plants, shrubs and herbs.

Garmaza A.:

  • Construction and maintenance of forest roads.;
  • Technology of wood processing contaminated with radionuclides;
  • Studies of sanitary and hygienic conditions in the wood processing and other industries with the development of technical proposals to improve them.

Ermak I.:

  • Sanitary-hygienic conditions of forest complex enterprises;
  • Natural and anthropogenic emergencies.

Peretrukhin V.:

  • Sources of danger in the technosphere;
  • Terms of achieving health and safety.

Radchenko Yu.:

  • Emergencies of natural and technogenic character;
  • Fire and explosion safety of industrial facilities;
  • Legislation on labor protection, the creation of healthy and safe working conditions.

Chernushevich G.:

  • Natural and antropological emergencies;
  • Radiation safety, the consequences of  the  Chernobyl accident;
  • Sanitary-hygienic conditions at enterprises of timber and woodworking industry.

Astahova T.:

  • Problems of food contamination.
  • Features of  human  behavior  in emergencies.

Balakir M.:

  • The structure and performance of spruce crops in Belarus.

Domnenkova A.:

  • Capacity pine crops Belarusian Polesie Forest types.

Azovskaya N.:

  • Protection of forest crops against diseases.

Kiselev S.:

  • Increasing wood-cutting tools operational characteristic.