Academic Work

The Department of Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemistry provides training for skilled specialists, Masters and highly qualified scientific personnel (PhDs) for oil refining enterprises, basic organic and petrochemical synthesis, design and research organizations, educational institutions that train specialists in chemistry and technology.

I degree of higher education:

Speciality 1-48 01 02 “Chemical technology of organic substances, materials and products” specialization 1-48 01 02 01 “Technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis”

II degee of higher education (Master's degree programme):

1-48 80 03 “Technology of organic substances”

1-48 80 05 “Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances”

Postgraduate Studies in the speciality:

05.17.04   "Technology of organic substances"

The list of disciplines taught at the department:

·    Chemistry and technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis

·    Chemistry and technology of oil and gas processing

·    Chemical technology of raw materials for organic synthesis

·    Theory of chemical-technological processes of organic synthesis

·    Methods of research and modification of the properties of organic substances, materials and products

·    Secondary raw materials in organic synthesis technology

·    Equipment and fundamentals of design by organic synthesis enterprises

·    Energy-saving technologies in oil refining and petrochemistry

·    Modeling and optimization of chemical-technological processes

Electronic teaching materials for students specialities 1-48 01 02 “Chemical technology of organic substances, materials and products”: