Department of Physical, Colloid and Analytical Chemistry

General Information

The department was founded in 1961.

The department works with students of 5 faculties as well as Institute for Retraining and Professional Development.

It offers study programs leading to PhD Degree.

Academic Activities
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Physical and Colloidal Chemistry
  • General, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
  • Surface Phenomena and Disperse Systems

The Department delivers courses and carries out laboratory works in Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Physical-Chemical Methods of Analysis, Physical-Chemical Methods of Analysis, General and Analytical Chemistry. For teaching purposes the Department staff uses information technologies with multimedia complexes, applied software and client-server software.  The Analytical Chemistry Olympiad is held.

The Department provides general education for students who specialize in Physical-Chemical Methods and Devices for Quality Control, Technology of Printing Production, Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances, Materials and Goods, Chemical Technology of Organic Substabces, Materials and Products, Chemical Technology of Wood Processing, Technology of Electrochemical Production, Biotechnology, Environmental Protection and Rational Utilization of Natural Resources, Bioecology, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Tourism and Nature Management. The Department participates in specialists’ retraining and qualification upgrade.

Facilities. The Department includes several educational laboratories:

  • 2 laboratories for spectroscopic and other optical methods of analysis;
  • 2 laboratories for electrochemical and chromatographic methods of analysis;
  • 1 laboratory for chemical methods of analysis.

All laboratories are equipped with modern chemical-analytical and weighing equipment:

  • hardware and software complexes Unichrom for laboratory works on gas-liquid chromatography and inversion voltammetry;
  • software devices;
  • devices with built-in microcomputer and microprocessor  systems;
  • programmable devices;
  • modern analytical devices with digital indicators.

To analyze the obtained results, optimize the conditions of analyses, quantify  uncertainty of analytical measurements, draw up reports, model basic chemical-analytical operations and perform chemical-analytical calculations all laboratories are equipped with PC and applied software.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 365 30 24