Preparatory Sections

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The faculty aims at increasing the efficiency of pre-university training and providing career guidance services to prospective students. It runs long-term and short-term pre-university courses in those disciplines that are tested and assessed before enrollment.

The Faculty of Pre-University Training was founded at BSTU in January 2002 in order to increase the efficiency of pre-university training and to coordinate career guidance services for University applicants. The Faculty of Pre-University Training was transfromed into Preparatory Sections.

The faculty runs preparatory courses: eight-month course (from October to May), four-month course (from February to May), one-month course (from April to May), as well as three-day express course for those who want to refresh their knowledge before taking centralized tests. A wide range of courses allow the applicants to choose best options for studying desired subjects. The classes are intended for senior school learners and college students.

The courses are taught by highly-qualified lecturers, assistant professors of the departments of higher mathematics, physics, Belarusian philology, foreign languages, general and inorganic chemistry, analytical and organic chemistry. Innovative teaching techniques are widely applied to achieve the best results in learners’ training. The curricula match the requirements of entrance examinations in relevant academic disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Russian, Belarusian and English). The teaching staff use advanced didactic methods and their own tutorials and IT-based tests to evaluate learners’ progress. The courses also help the learners to get adapted to the university environment and integrated in their future student community.

One of the main tasks of the faculty is to encourage the most capable young people to become highly competitive professionals. The University provides high-quality career guidance services. The teaching staff invite school pupils to join clubs of young chemists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, environmentalists where they can look into their future profession, deepen their basic knowledge and get familiar with the research activities carried out at the University.

The University teachers do a lot of master-classes at schools where they train pupils for academic competitions, conference report-writing and various contests.   The University cooperates with secondary schools in Grodno, Pukhovichi, Polotsk districts, Minsk, Starye Dorogi, Mozyr, Logoysk, Luninets,  Nesvizh, Zelva, Fanipol.

School pupils are  also trained to work with references and special literature; they are familiarized with health and safety rules in laboratory work; they are shown how to use devices and equipment for making experiments both at school and the University (department of  analytical chemistry). The pupils are assisted in preparing reports for conferences; they are get skills of microchemical experiment.

The University regularly holds Open House events welcoming its prospective students on a University guided tour. Young people can take a deep look at material and laboratory facilities of the University, its academic environment and student life. The faculty staff is always there to provide any required information, guidance and assistance to the prospective students and schools who are willing to collaborate with the University.