How to Apply to BSTU

Step 1. Sending the documents 

To enter the Republic of Belarus you’ll need the university’s invitation which enables you to apply for a study visa at the Embassy of Belarus in your home country. The following documents are necessary to send (either by or fax: +375 17 327 65 92) for the invitation letter :
•   the completed application form ;
•   the copy of the international passport pages (those with the photo, date and place of birth, etc.);
•   the documents confirming your previous education translated into Russian. Document requirements depend on the program (Example: applying for the MSc program you should send the BSc diploma with transcript).

You do NOT need to provide the documents confirming your previous education when applying to the following programs:
•   russian language study program;
•   Summer Schools;
•   tailored programs.

Step 2. Making the invitation

Upon sending the required documents you should write the following information:
•   country of your birth;
•   city of your birth;
•   city of residence;
•   city where you will issue your visa;
•   full home address WITH THE ZIP CODE (POST CODE) where we should send the invitation after it is ready (country-province-city, etc.)
•   name of the person who will receive the invitation;
•   contact telephone number of that person.
This information is necessary to approve the Invitation at the Immigration Department of the Republic of Belarus.

    It takes up to 10 days to get the invitation letter ready. There is NO possibility of making urgent invitations. Try to do everything in advance.


Step 3. Receiving the invitation

There are 2 ways how you can receive your invitation:
•   you or someone of your acquaintances come to the International students’ offi ce (156-4) and take the invitation;
•   we send the invitation by Express-mail (choosing this variant you should provide us with your full home address and contact telephone number).
You will receive the invitation within a week. 


 Please, note!  Invitation is NOT enough to enter Belarus. It is necessary to make the visa at the Belarusian Consulate / Embassy.



Step 4. Arrival to the university

If there is no Belarusian Consulate / Embassy in your home country you can apply for visa at Consulate department of the national airport “Minsk-2”. In this case you will be met at the airport by the university representative.
If you inform International students office in time, you will be provided with accommodation at the University dormitory immediately upon arrival.
On the day of your arrival or the next day (if not week-ends) you should come to the International students office (BSTU, Minsk, Sverdlova Str. 13a, room 156-4) with the Application package:
•   original passport with an entry visa to the Republic of Belarus;
•   original academic documents with transcripts required for the program you were admitted to;
•   8 photos 3*4 cm;
•   AIDS test certificate issued by an official public health service in the applicant’s home country;
•   a medical certificate issued by a national health care establishment of his/her native country certifying the absence of contraindications for studies under the climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus;
•   medical insurance policy;
•   a pre-university course certificate (for undergraduate first-year entrants);
•   the Russian language knowledge certificate (if any);
•   proof of equivalence of documents on education (required for those applying for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree program).


Please, note! All documents shall be provided with a legalized translation into Russian/Belarusian that may be made at one of the translation agencies in Minsk.


Please PAY ATTENTION that all international students arriving to Belarus must bring the documents for registration in Immigration Service in 5 working days after crossing the border of Belarus. The penalty for those who are late with registration varies from paying a fi ne to deportation from Belarus.

Step 5.  Enrollment procedure involves

•   submitting the application set;
•   signing a contract on education;
•   signing a contract on accommodation;
•   obtaining a medical insurance policy (if you don’t have one);
•   getting registration at the Immigration Department within 5 days on arrival;
•   taking a medical examination at a student’s expense.

Step 6. Payment procedure

•   all payment should be paid at “Belarusbank” in cash by everyone on arrival to Minsk. All bank details you can get at the International students’ office (156-4);
•   tuition fees and other payments like accommodation costs and registration should be made in Belarusian rubles according to the dollar rate on the day of payment;
•   university tuition fees are paid by all students after signing a contract on education

Step 7. Interview procedure for International Students applying for a graduate program at BSTU

1) Admission for graduate programs of BSTU for foreign citizens not having Belarusian secondary or higher education academic transcripts or pre-university course certificates, is available by competitive interview revealing language skills proper to the university requirements and the level of the basic education. The examination committee, formed by Rector's decree, is in charge of the admission interview.
2) Foreign citizens having secondary or higher education are allowed to apply for a graduate course at BSTU, except for foreign citizens permanently residing in Belarus.
3) Foreign citizens applying for a graduate course at BSTU shall pass an interview on 3 subjects depending on the chosen study program:

  • Russian
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry/Physics

4) The interview committee consists of lecturers of each discipline, and is headed by the executive secretary of the admission board.
5) The committee compiles all interview tests and tasks in accordance with the entrance test profile. Tests and tasks are fixed in the oral test sheets. International applicants are offered five tests or tasks in each discipline, which are assessed by 0 to 10 points.
6) The interview results are recorded in the oral test sheets and interview sheets, which shall be signed by the committee members.
7) BSTU Admission Board will make decision on applicant's admission following the interview results. Those having received 0 (zero), 1 (one), 2 (two) or 3 (three) points will not be admitted to the university.
8) Those applicants not admitted to the graduate course may apply for a Pre-university course.
9) Those international applicants having no command of the language of tuition (Russian) are welcomed to apply for our pre-university course where they will study Russian language, mathematics, chemistry, informatics and physics. Final exams take place at the end of academic year. Successful students get Graduation Certificates and are further admitted to the first year in the chosen graduate or postgraduate course. Those international students who fail to complete pre-university course successfully are expelled from the University and have to leave Belarus).
10) The oral test sheets will be kept in international students' personal files.