Student dormitory is located within five- minute walk from the University academic buildings. The University will provide international students with one-bad and three-bad rooms in one of the several student dorms ($50US per person per month). Students share kitchens with other Belarusian and international students. The dorms are not provided with kitchen equipment. Consequently all students must bring basic kitchen equipment with them or buy it after arrival. The kitchen is not provided with a fridge and freezer.

Students are provided with bed equipment (a pillow, a blanket and bed linen), however, you must bring your own towels or buy them. The dorms have washing machines.

Be sure to bring converter plugs that will fit Belarusian sockets. In Belarus, Electrical appliances run on a 220 volt system.

A compact university campus is set in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of green space to relax. The campus offers a range of facilities to satisfy students' day-to-day needs: five student dormitories,  4 canteens, a café, 2 snack bars, modern sports complex, 2 stadiums, 7 gyms, 9 sport grounds with synthetic coverings, ski station, sport club a health centre, a library, etc.

The Library offers lending and enquiry services, library catalogues and study space. The Library collection includes 1,3 mln  printed volumes. Located on the campus, canteens provide freshly made hot and cold food and drinks. Snack bars stock variety of sandwiches, drinks and snacks.

Sports Club

Students and teachers keen on sport can join the Sports Club and practise sports of their interest.   

The University possesses a modern sports complex with gyms for team sports, wrestling, eurhythmics and aerobics, medical gymnastics, as well as a stadium with running tracks, sports grounds with synthetic covering.

The University offers a great number of athletic and recreational facilities to help students spend their time to the best advantage. There are a lot of sports groups: football, volleyball, tennis, chess and many others. Various competitions, championships and other events are regularly held at BSTU. Various sport events, i.e. championships on volleyball and mini-football, and athletics competitions are continually organized jointly by the University's Sports Club and the Department of Physical Training. Additionally there are 27 sport societies for those who want to keep themselves fit.

Student Club

Apart from sports, students are engaged in other activities as well. For example, folk song group “Roon”, student theatre, etc. The University Students' Club offers a number of activities to the students who want to reveal their creative abilities. They can participate in festivals and contests and join various amateur societies and groups.   There are many non-academic opportunities to join group activities. This is a great way to make friends and experience.

BSTU students possess the ability to engage in multiple interests. The student organizations found on campus enrich the social, cultural and educational experiences of BSTU students, influence the larger University community and enhance the overall diversity found here.

Representatives in student government collaborate with university leaders to enhance the student experience. Student journalists write, edit and produce multimedia content for campus publications. Students interested in the arts participate in a variety of visual and performing arts groups, dance groups, choirs, student theatre.

Health Centre

Whether you’re not feeling well, or you have questions relating to your health, the physician and nursing staff at the University Health Centre are here to help. We are committed to providing a wide range of professional, friendly and compassionate medical services to BSTU students and staff. We offer comprehensive physiotherapy services including treatment for musculo-skeletal conditions including knee, shoulder, neck and back pain, sports physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, etc.