Programs Offered

In our University there are undergraduate and postgraduate students from more than 23 countries all over the world and different regions of Belarus. We highly value and develop the international environment and the cultural diversity that have been created in Belarusian State Technological University in close collaboration with our international partners over a period of more than 80 years.

         We are offering higher educational programs for would-be specialists needed practically in all highly-developed branches of industry and we are sure that high level of education will help our graduates to start their career successfully.

BSTU offers a variety of educational programs at all levels of education. The Higher Education Program is organized at  BSTU major Faculties through 50 specializations.  Training along the Master’s Degree Program is conducted through 37 specialties. The PhD Program which is aimed at preparing  highly qualified researchers holding a candidate of science (Ph.D.) degree is provided through 35  specialties of different branches of science.

In order to equip international students with the Russian Language and learning strategies and skills which enable them to study professional disciplines and be admitted to a degree programs the BSTU provides pre-university education program.

         International short-term programs carried out in our University are developed specially for the foreign students, which allow not only to create the best study environment, but also to provide the high level of training.

Domestic and international students may benefit from a variety of Non-degree Programs, such as Russian as a Foreign Language, English, German, Spanish   Courses/

We are glad to welcome everyone who would like to study in our University or cooperate with us!

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