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12/13/2017International cooperation

BSTU discusses cooperation plans with universities of Guangdong (China)

On December 12, the rector of the university, Ihar Voitau, received a delegation from Guangdong Province (PRC) headed by Mr. Juan Han Biao, Director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province. The Chinese delegation included representatives from the cities of Foshan, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Zhuhai, as well as the Guangdong Union for Scientific and Technical Cooperation with the CIS countries.

The meeting discussed issues of cooperation with Chinese universities and colleges. Ihar Voitau introduced the areas of training specialists and experience of international cooperation of BSTU. He gave examples of the creation of joint faculties and magistracies with the universities of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Poland.


The rector of the BSTU suggested setting up joint faculties and universities to train technologists with issuing double diplomas. Ihar Voitau noted that at present the demand for specialists with knowledge of the Chinese language is growing all over the world, especially in our country, for which China is a strategic partner. Therefore, the joint training of highly qualified specialists will have broad prospects for both countries.

The Chinese side informed about the development trends of education in China, the acute need for competent specialists for the needs of innovative economy, the system of support for high-class engineers from the Chinese state and enterprises. High interest was expressed in the further implementation of the Belarusian proposals for the creation of joint structures for the training of specialists, the development of scientific and technical projects and their commercial implementation.

Following the meeting, a framework agreement was signed on cooperation between our university and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security in Foshan City. This city is one of the fastest growing in Guangdong Province, its population is about 8 million people, the city's GDP this year should reach 687 billion yuan.

As the next steps in the development of cooperation, the parties plan to create a joint working group and send a delegation of specialists to Guangdong Province next year to work out and agree on a program of actions.

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