Aleg Darmeshkin


Dormeshkin Oleg

Vice-rector for Research, Professor of the department


Department of Technology of Inorganic Substances and General Chemical Technology

Contact details

 8 (017) 327-89-44

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 260-4

Research interests:

Research of physicochemical processes taking place in complex multicomponent systems formed in the production of complex mineral fertilizers, and the development of new resource and energy-saving technological processes on their basis; Problems of processing and recycling of industrial waste; Purification of sewage and the creation of closed water-rotation systems in the production of mineral fertilizers; Study of solubility in multicomponent water-salt systems; Processing of phosphate ores and obtaining new types of phosphorus-containing fertilizers; Problems of professional and pedagogical training in technical universities; A new paradigm and methodological aspects of chemical and technological education in the context of changing the world educational space


General chemical technology; Equipment and design basis production of inorganic substances; Technology and equipment for the production of mineral fertilizers and salts; Typical processes of technology of inorganic substances; Modern technologies of inorganic substances and their development trends

List of publications​: 

    More than 280 scientific works, monograph, more than 25 inventions, including:

  • Дормешкин О.Б.,  Воробьев Н.И. Производство бесхлорных водорастворимых комплексных удобрений (монография) Минск:  БГТУ, - 2006. - 248 с.
  • Dormeshkin O.B. Study of conversion processes in multicomponent systems in manufacture of complex magnesium containing fertilizers. Journal of applied chemistry. Vol.88, No.10, 2015. pp. 1563-1569.
  • Дормешкин О.Б. Water cycle optimization for complex fertilizer manufacturing based on quality improvement of waste water treatment. Selected publications from the Water Harmony Project: Water Research and Technology. Water Harmony Project. 2015. pp. 36‑43.
  • Дормешкин О.Б.Жидкие комплексные удобрения на основе системы NH4H2PO4 – (NH4)2HPO4 – CO(NH2)2 – H2O.Химическая технология. (Москва), Т. 17, №3 2016 С. 98-103.
  • Дормешкин О.Б. Влияние магнийсодержащего сырья на процесс кислотного разложения в производстве комплексных фосфорсодержащих удобрений. Химическая промышленность сегодня, №3, 2016. С.3-8.
  • Дормешкин О. Б., Воробьев Н.И., Шатило В.И.Безотходный технологический процесс получения бесхлорного водорастворимого комплексного удобрения на основе фосфата калия Химическая технология. 2014. №6. С.324-332.