Aleksandr Dyatko

Dyatko Alexander Arkad’evich

Associated Professor, PhD


Informatics and Web-Design

Contact details

 +375 29 573 50 25

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 304-1

Research interests:

Statistical radio engineering, radiolocation, adaptive signal processing work, digital filtering, spectral analysis, computer modeling of physical processes and systems.


  • informatics and Computer Graphics;
  • computer Geometry and Graphics.

List of publications​: 

  • Dyatko A.A., Kostromitsky S.M., Shumsky P.N. Mathematical Model of a Signal Rreversed from Earth Surface in Tracking RLS of Low-Flying Target. Reports of BSUIR, 2015. №8(94). P. 17 – 23.
  • Dyatko A.A., Kostromitsky S.M., Shumsky P.N. Modelling of a Virtual Trace. Reports of BSUIR, 2014. №6(84). P. 41 – 47.
  • Dyatko A.A., Kostromitsky S.M., Shumsky P.N. Calculation the Density of Probability Signal Magnitude in Q Channels of Square-Law Detector by Its Common Density at Output. Proceedings BSTU. Ser. VI. Physico-Mathematical Sciences and Informatics. – 2007. – Vol. XV. – P. 127 – 129.
  • Dyatko A.A., Kostromitsky S.M. Adaptive Antenna Array with Signal Sorting of Emission Sources on the Basis of Autoregression Model, i. e. Moving Average. Collected Articles. Vol. 3(49), 2001г., Moscow, 6 p.