Alex Chuikov

Chuykov Alexey

assistant of the Department


Department of technology and design of wooden articles

Contact details

 8 (017) 327-67-41

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 313-4

Research interests:

- Energy efficient processes of drying of paints and varnishes;

- Physical and mechanical properties of coatings;

- Technology and equipment for protective and decorative coatings;

- The construction and design of wood products.


- The technology of protective and decorative coating of wood and wood-based materials;
- Wood technology;
- Design of woodworking enterprises with bases of CAD.

List of publications​: 

- The effectiveness of curing thermoradiation joinery production of coatings;

- Influence thermoradiation effect on the curing of water-dispersion paints and varnishes;

- Method for assessing the ability of infrared radiation penetrating through the layer of paint.