Alexander Kravchuk


Kravchuk Aliaksandr

Senior Lecturer, PhD


Department of Glass and Ceramics Technology

Contact details

 +375 29 702 72 88, 8 (017) 327 43 08

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 313-2

Research interests:

wear-resistant, heat-resistant and transparent glass ceramics, glass ceramics on the base of rock, cast stone;

high-quality colored (selenium and copper ruby) and opacificationing glass, lead-free crystal glass;

hardening of glass products by ion exchange and chemical etching;

obtaining granular foam.


Modelling and optimization of chemical-technological processes in the industry.

Foundation of research and innovation.

Technology and equipment for the production of glass products.

Physico-chemical methods of research of inorganic substances.

Physical chemistry of refractory non-metal and silicate materials.

Educational research work of students.

Diploma projection.

General production technological practice.

List of publications​: 

  • Kravchuk A.P. Designing compositions of the pyroxene glass ceramics based on granite screenings Mikashevichy field / A.P. Kravchuk, N.M. Bobkova // Proceedings BSTU. Ser. III, Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances and materials. – Minsk, 2007. – Vol. XV. – P.64–67.
  • Tereshchenko, I.M. Rising of the float glass production efficiency by improving the chemical composition / I.M. Tereshchenko, R.V. Petukhova, A.P. Kravchuk, E.V. Karpovich, J.L. Matylevich // Steklo mira. – M., 2012. – № 5, 6. – P. 18–20.
  • Tereshchenko, I.M. Development of the composition of sheet glass with a low content of Al2O3 / I.M. Tereshchenko, A.P. Kravchuk, V.V. Shut // Proceedings of BSTU.  – № 3.  Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2013. – Minsk. – Р. 93–96.
  • Tereshchenko, I.M. Development and industrial testing of cased glass compositions for crystal products / I.M. Tereshchenko, A.P. Kravchuk, A.Y. Stetskevich // Proceedings of BSTU. – №3: Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2014. – Minsk. – P.67–70.
  • Pavlyukevich Yu. G.  Production of toughened sheet glasses of thin nominals / Yu. G. Pavlyukevich, A. P. Kravchuk // Proceedings of BSTU. – №3. Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2015. – Minsk. – P. 19–16.
  • Tereschenko I. M. Producing of thermal insulating materials on the basis of silica gel by one–stage processing technology / I. M. Tereschenko, O. B. Dormeshkin, A. P. Kravchuk, B. P. Zhih // Proceedings of BSTU. – №3. Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2015. – Minsk. – P. 97–101.