Anatoli Laschenko

Laschenko Anatolii Pavlovich

Associated Professor, PhD


Informatics and Web-Design

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 43 76

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 304-1

Research interests:

Numerical procedures, rheology, mechanics of deformable body, IT-technologies, computer algebra, graph theory, simulation modelling.


  • basics of discrete mathematics and theory of algorithms;
  • computer Information Technology.

List of publications​: 

  • Laschenko, A. P., Role of Intranet-Technologies in Rise of Education Quality / A. P. Laschenko, T. V. Kishkurno // Proceedings of VIII International Theoretical and Practical Conference “New informational Technologies in Education”, Yekaterinburg, March 10–13, 2015. – P. 345-349.
  • Laschenko, A. P., Mathematical Program Mathcad for Specialties of Economics / A. P. Laschenko // Proceedings of Vth All-Russian (with international participation) Correspondence Theoretical and Practical Conference “Actual problems of Current Informatics”, Kolomna April 1 – 15, 2015. – P. 145-148.
  • Laschenko A. P., System of Mathcad in Teaching Process of the University for Specialties of Economics / A. P. Laschenko, T. V. Kishkurno // Proceedings of VII International Theoretical and Practical Conference “Electron Kazan’ 2015” (ICT in education: organizational,  methodological and pedagogical aspects of its use), Kazan’ April 21 – 23, 2015. – P. 325-331.
  • Laschenko A. P., Solving Problems of Optimization for Specialities of Economics at the University / A. P. Laschenko, T. V. Kishkurno // Proceedings of International Theoretical and Practical Conference (Methodology and Philosophy of Teaching Mathematics and Informatics), Minsk, April 24 – 25, 2015. – P. 67-70.
  • Laschenko A. P., Use of Local Networks in Educational Process / A. P. Laschenko, T. V. Kishkurno // Proceedings of II International Scientific Conference (Informational Technologies in Science, Management, Social Service and Medicine) Tomsk, May 19 – 22, 2015. – P. 136-138.
  • Laschenko A. P.,  Use of Application Programs in Studying Course of “Computer Information Technologies” for Specialties of Economics / A. P. Laschenko, T. V. Kishkurno // Proceedings of XII All-Russian Theoretical and Practical Conference with international participation (Use of ICT in Education "ITE – Marii El – 2015")  Yoshkar-Ola, October 8 – 9, 2015. – P. 88-96.