Andrei Anikeyenka

Andrei Anikeyenka

Ph. D. Engineering, senior lecturer of


Woodworking machines and tools

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 43 25

 Sverdlova St. 19а,  26-5

Research interests:

Improving the design of prefabricated cylindrical cutter and the development of operation


Automated lines and woodworking industry

Multistage system of wood-processing machines with numerical control

Technical operation and repair of woodworking machinery

List of publications​: 

• A. A. Grishkevich, A. F., anikeenko, Experimental setup for studying the process of milling wood and drevenych materials //Proceedings of BSTU. Forest and derevoobrabatyvajushhaja industry. Mn., 2005.-Vol XIII. Ser. II. P. 202204.
• Anikeenko A. F., Babel I. I. Peculiarities of wear of the blade in the milling of the edges of fibreboard medium density (MDF). // BGTU materials of international scientific-technical conference "Resource – saving technologies and equipment, ecologically safe technologies", PL. 2006.
• A. F. anikeenko D. L. Shukevich New team end mill // the University compilation of abstracts of X Republican scientific conference of students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus. Mn. 2006