Anna Egorova (Shutova)

Egorova (Shutova) Anna

Associate Professor, PhD in Engineering sciences


of Polymer Сomposite Materials

Contact details

 +375 29 260 39 49, 8 (017) 327 65 62

  Sverdlova St. 13a, 210-2

Research interests:

Technology of paintwork materials and coatings, development formulations of paintwork materials with tailor-made properties; corrosion-resistant coat; modification of paintwork materials with nanoadditives


Chemistry and physics of film-former

Chemistry and technology of paintwork materials and coatings

Basics of paintwork materials compounding formulation

Government base of intellectual property

List of publications​: 

  • The effect of degree filling compositions on the base of alkyd-styrene oligomers on coatings protective properties  / A.L. Shutova, I.K. Leshhinskaya, N.R. Prokopchuk / Materials, Technologies, Instruments. – 2010. – V.15 , №4 . – P. 88-93.

  • The effect of  primer formulation on electrochemical behaviour metal-coating systems / A.L. Shutova, I.K. Leshhinskaya, N.R. Prokopchuk, E. I. vinglinskaya //  Proceedings of the Nat. Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Part of phys.-tech. scienсe. – 2013. – № 4. – P. 57–63.

  • The effect of nanoadditives introduction method on the properties of the modified alkyd and epoxide primers  / A.L. Shutova, E.N. Sabadaha, N.R. Prokopchuk, E.I. Hovanskaya // Proceedings of BSTU. – 2015. – № 4: Chemistry, Organic Substances Technology and Biotechnology. – P. 115–120.

  • Research of Possible Synthesis of Alkyd-Styrene Resins / K.I. Vinhlinskaya, N.R. Prokopchuk, and A.L. Shutova //Volume 7 Issue 3 Journal of Characterization and Development of Novel Materials, 2015. P. 447–458.