Anna Poznyak


Poznyak Anna

Researcher / Assistant, PhD


Glass and Ceramics Technology Department

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 43 08,

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 118-4

Research interests:

development of ceramic materials with controlled structure, phase composition and properties;

study of mechanical properties of ceramic materials;

intensification of liquid-phase sintering processes during heat treatment of ceramic materials;

X-ray analysis of polyphase ceramic materials.


technology of building ceramics;

heat engineering equipment of ceramics and refractories enterprises;

chemical technology of ceramics;

diploma designing.

List of publications​: 

  • Levitskii, I. A. Opacification of Glazes for Household Majolica / I. A. Levitskii, S. E. Barantseva, A. I. Poznyak, E. O. Bogdan // Glass and Ceramics. – 2016. – 73(5-6). – P. 222–226.
  • Poznyak, A. I. Dilatometric research in the "ceramic-glaze" to reduce the strain ceramic tiles / A. I. Poznyak // Abstracts of XVI International Scientific Conference “High-Tech in Chemical Engineering – 2016” with elements of school of young scientists, October 10–15, 2016, Moscow. – M.: Moscow Technological University, 2016. – P. 187/
  • Poznyak, A. I. The role of liquid phase on microstructure development and mechanical properties in ceramic tiles for interior wall facing / A. I. Poznyak, I. A. Levitskii, S. E. Barantseva // Ceramic Transactions: Processing and Properties of Advanced Ceramics and Composites VII. – 2015. – Volume 252. – P. 393–401.
  • Levitskii, I. A. Transparent glazes for high-voltage / I. A. Levitskii, A. I. Poznyak, A. A. Nadudik // Glass and Ceramics. – 2015. – Pp 1–5.
  • Levitskii, I. A. Researches in the Field of Producing Ceramic Tiles of Lower Material Capacity for Interior Wall Facing / I. A. Levitskii, S.E. Baranceva, A.I. Poznyak // Engineering, Structures and Technologies. – 2013. – №5(1). – P. 1–10.
  • Levitskii, I. A. Effects of the Basaltic Tuff Additions on the Properties, Structure and Phase Composition of the Ceramic Tiles for Interior Wall Facing / Procedia Engineering. – 2013. – Vol. 57. – P. 707 – 713.